Juniper Networks is redefining the security market, delivering innovative and scalable network security solutions that empower enterprises and carriers to secure their networks without compromising on performance, security, availability, or cost. Customers use Juniper Networks security solutions to secure networks that face increasing security threats, as well as to address evolving network environments and new business requirements. Juniper Networks security solutions also help customers capitalize on business opportunities, with increased user productivity and operational efficiency.

Juniper Networks’s unique blend of security, networking, and management expertise provides customers with the most robust solutions in the industry. In addition, Juniper Networks provides optimized system designs that offer best-of-breed capabilities and deliver a proven total-cost-of-ownership advantage when compared to competing product offerings.
A Microsoft Partner needs to demonstrate a consistent, high-quality delivery of specific solutions built on Microsoft technology through training, professional references and proven projects. Besides delivering multilingual support and IT Managed Services on Microsoft infrastructures, the Partnership competence in "Advanced Infrastructure Solutions" demonstrates our knowledge of crafting high-availability infrastructure solutions that include Active Directory(r) service & Microsoft Identity Integration Server and Exchange system migration and deployment. Microsoft Certified Partners have proved their expertise in implementing technology solutions based on a Microsoft operating system.
Secure Computing
Secure Computing® offers three product lines designed to secure the connections between people, applications, and networks. These leading Secure Computing products, integrated seamlessly with our partner solutions, present an unbeatable cornerstone offering to growing numbers of customers worldwide. The security revolution is changing the way we do business. And the Technology Partner Program enables Secure Computing and its partners to target the expanding security market.

Enormous opportunities await us, especially if we join together to offer more complete, integrated security solutions. Through our mutual technological expertise and the Technology Partner Program, your customers benefit from our partnership. Secure Computing is the best choice to help you and your customers meet the growing security demands of business conducted across the Internet and other networks. By providing Secure Computing’s interoperable solutions, your revenue potential is tremendous.
Founded in 1989, Citrix Systems, Inc. is a global leader in application server software and services that offer “Digital Independence,” the ability to run any application on any device over any connection, wireless to Web, so that now, everything can compute.

Citrix technology enables organizations to provide access to server-based applications from a wide variety of client devices and platforms. Since these applications are installed, updated and maintained on central servers instead of each client, the cost and complexity of administration are significantly reduced; the Citrix model also enables rapid application deployment. In addition, because the applications execute 100 percent on the server, and only keystrokes, mouse clicks and screen updates are transmitted over the network between the server and client, Citrix software enables high application performance even over bandwidth-constrained connections as well as greater data security.

Since 1989, the Microsoft | Citrix partnership has profited from a strategic focus, technological leadership and sales success that is unrivalled in its reach and its vision. And from that joint success comes yours.

By focusing on greater business flexibility, and ensuring interoperability of existing and new technology platforms, the two partners have enjoyed a collaboration that is unparalleled in its success.

Their joint solutions are now delivering greater business agility to markets across the globe, and generating 1.5 times the Microsoft revenue for every Citrix dollar sold.
Citrix XenServer
Citrix XenServer™ is server virtualization that makes data centers more agile and efficient through faster application delivery, higher levels of availability and improved utilization of IT resources.

XenServer delivers the advanced features required by mission critical workloads without sacrificing the ease-of-use necessary for wide-scale deployments. The unique provisioning technology of XenServer can rapidly deliver workloads across virtual or physical servers making it the ideal virtualization platform for every server in the enterprise.
Citrix NetScaler
Citrix® NetScaler® web application delivery solutions are purpose built appliances that accelerate application performance up to five times, while simultaneously reducing datacenter costs and improving web application security. Platforms range from the entry level 7000 to the latest MPX-series appliances that provide an industry-leading 15 gigabits per second of throughput at both Layer 4 and Layer 7 with maximum simultaneous use of all functional modules. They provide visibility into the end-user application experience and comprehensive web application security in concert with advanced traffic management. NetScaler, a member of the Citrix Delivery Center product family, is an ideal network management solution for any enterprise seeking accelerated Web application performance, improved web application security and increased application availability.
Vision App
Visionapp specializes in the design, implementation, operation and management of application delivery solutions based on Microsoft and Citrix technologies. The company provides unique products and services for optimization and cost-effective administration of Windows Terminal Server, Citrix and Windows Server infrastructures. Tools for automating the server build management (visionapp Server Management), a web-based portal for providing centralized, secure access to all kinds of corporate applications (visionapp Workspace Management), consulting and ASP services form the core business.
VASCO is the number one supplier of strong authentication and e-signature solutions and services. VASCO has established itself as the world’s leading software company specialized in Internet Security. They have a customer base of over 7,600 companies in more than 100 countries, including over 1,150 international financial institutions. VASCO’s prime markets are the financial sector, enterprise security, e-government and e-commerce (business-to-business and business-to-customer).
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